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Hablamos Espanol

Attorney Miranda Lezcano
Paralegal Amanda Voigt

Immigration Assistant Cintya Olivares

Immigration Assistant Bianca Madrid

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Lezcano Law Office SC is  a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We provide services in both English and Spanish. I understand that legal services are expensive and we tailor our fees to fit your situation.  For the past nine years, we have provided over 1000 hours per year to low or no income clients through services such as Judicare, local domestic abuse shelters, guardian ad litem work, and court appointments.  

Attorney Miranda Lezcano is consistent, patient, and professional, giving each case the attention it deserves.

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Family Law

Keeping families first.

Let us help your family be the best it can be.  Whether it is child custody, placement, or divorce, we can help make the process easier by putting the needs of your family first.   


With two Spanish speaking staff members, we are able to serve Central Wisconsin and all of its residents. We pride ourselves in providing diverse representation. 

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Legal Advice

Years of Experience

We have extensive backgrounds in business, finance, and collections. Put our experience to work for you through the drafting of contracts, business agreements, leases, and other essential documents. We can assist you in resolving landlord tenant or small claims cases.


Legal Representation

Misdemeanor Offenses

Have you made a mistake that resulted in arrest?  Have you received a traffic ticket you don't agree with?  Let us help you with your misdemeanor or traffic cases to get the best outcome possible.

Immigration Assistance

Family based immigration is a complex process.  We can help you reunite with your loved ones at a reasonable cost.

Asylum is a process that may help many new immigrants.

Let us guide you.

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Why go through a long, drawn out court battle when mediation could resolve your dispute without the hassle? We are experienced mediators with experience in family, business, and contractual disputes.

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Child Placement and Custody Disputes

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Divorce Mediation


Business and Contract Disputes

Keeping the best interests of the child in the forefront of everyone's mind.

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Work out your property settlement on your own.

Get in Touch

Save money on attorney fees by mediating your dispute.

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2107 Schofield Avenue
Weston, WI 54476

715-841-0010 office

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